Senior Colorist/Stylist

Taking reign, the elegant and seasoned styles of Lizette will leave each jaw dropping patron coming back for more. Paralleled by her broad and vast knowledge of color techniques and natural styling abilities, her creations can and will never be duplicated by any other. Upon meeting Lizette, a client immediately experiences a sense of trust and reassurance, especially when her lustrous styles radiate through her finished work. For this reason, Lizette carefully determines how her ability to create outside beauty will eloquently render individual inner beauty for each client. In short, Lizette specializes in color corrective techniques, latest highlighting approach, master color blending, long layers haircuts, pixie haircuts, textured bobs, special occasion styles and much more. With this kind of untamed passion, only one other can bridle the heart of Lizette, and that would be her lovingly beautiful 11 year old daughter, Yalexie. Lizette's faithfulness to pursue and follow her dreams as a salon owner, not only gratifies her soul, but it indulges the curiosity for her daughter to be anything she wants to be without reservation or restriction.